Why Foster’s Is Not Australia’s Beer and the Power of Branding

Fosters. It is the iconic beer – or so the advertising agencies would have you believe to anyone overseas. It’s quite ironic that there are people out there right now – chugging back a Foster’s – thinking that this is how an average night in Australia goes.

Unfortunately – as with anything else – and the perception of it overseas – the reality is much different.

Of course – Fosters is not the first thing – and it won’t be the last – of what Americans – and the wider world – have gotten wrong about Australian culture. It would make sense that only the exreme and most different aspects of Australia would make it into public consciousness – anything else would just be too regular.

The Crocodile Dundee had to invade people’s consciousness for the reason that it was so different – so outlandish. To have someone pull out a huge knife and say “This is a knife”.

Fosters got its start with an American advertising campaign – and ever since then has remained top of mind for Americans. But here’s the funny thing – at the bar near our brewery – we did a survey and found out just what percentage of beer drinkers end up choosing Fosters.

And what do you think that number is?

Well you would be surprised to know that the percentage is less than 5.

That’s right – less than 5% – at what we could consider a fair dinkum pub – drink Fosters.

So next time you see something in the mainstream about beer – and what is seen as popular and hip – just remember that many times not only is it much behind the times but also there’s a high chance that it was never even true to begin with.

That is the power of perception.

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